Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Search for the Best Dog Shampoo

In most cases, dogs aren’t the most “bathing cooperative” pets, oftentimes involving a hide-and-seek ritual between owners and dogs before any actual bathing takes place.

As such, most dog owners tend to value the time spent on bathing their dogs (given the different hassles encountered before and after the procedure takes place), opting for the best of bathing implements and items, with dog shampoo often being looked for.

Here are some points to look into in finding the best dog shampoo for your pooch.

Identifying your dog’s type of skin

Not all dogs are the same, and working on this principle is a good start in finding the best shampoo for your dog.

Different breeds have documented records of skin types, but if you’re still unsure of your dog’s skin type, consulting with your local vet helps make the deduction process faster without any guesswork involved.

Generally, dog skin types include dry, oily and normal.

Shampoo for dogs with Dry Skin

Dogs belonging in the dry skin category tend to suffer from skin sores and skin irritations, often leading to frequent scratching fits. At times, sharp temperature changes cause dry skin related concerns for dogs, and using dog shampoo made to lock skin moisture in is perfect.

Dog shampoos with lanolin or dog shampoos with aloe vera are good choices for dry skinned dogs, given that these ingredients helps soften and keep doggy dry skin from flaking due to dryness. In cases when dry skin irritations are caused by dietary issues, the use of aloe vera or lanolin dog shampoos won’t really help much unless an effective hypoallergenic diet is imposed on a dog’s daily meal menu.

But all in all, if dry skin is your dog’s issue, lanolin or aloe vera dog shampoos are the best choices.

Shampoo for dogs with Oily Skin

If dry skin in dogs leads to frequent itching, oily skin in dogs leads to dandruff and foul smells.

Medicated dog shampoos or shampoos with anti bacterial agents are the best choice for dogs with oily skin, helping reduce the buildup of oily skin specific issues and conditions.

A veterinarian can also prescribe specific medicated dog shampoos for severe cases, oftentimes made with sulfur, benzole peroxide and urea. Deep cleansing baths with such shampoos helps get rid of dandruff flakes, along with reducing the reappearance of dandruff after a period of time.

Shampoo for dogs with Normal Skin

Dogs with normal skin conditions are defined to be without any of the extreme conditions inherent in dry and/or oily skinned dogs.

However, this doesn’t mean that getting any shampoo is okay for normal skinned dogs, since the wrong shampoo can cause problems when there shouldn’t be any.

Generally, stay clear from dog shampoos with sharp smells, since perfumes are liable to be irritants when in contact with dog skin. Also, soapy suds should be thoroughly washed out, since leaving them can cause skin problems for normal skinned dogs.

If your dog happens to be suffering from a flea or tick infestation, regardless if the pooch is dry, oily or normal skinned, opting for dog shampoos with natural ingredients in fighting them is advised. Dog shampoos with pyrethrin, a natural pesticide-ingredient, is safe when used on dogs, ensuring that no traces come into contact with a dog’s eyes and/or ears.

Picking out the right shampoo for your dog makes the most out of you and your dog’s bathing procedures. Getting rid of dirt and dust residue from a dog’s coat, as well as reducing the onset of afflictions which naturally happen with different doggy skin types, the right dog shampoo makes the most from time spent bathing dogs and the time spent in between bathing sessions.

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