Tuesday, March 27, 2012

48 Foot Giant Titanoboa Snake Invades New York!

I have no idea how else to write the title to bring it closer to the actual humongous size of the titanoboa monster. I’m thinking, “Bus Size Giant Snake…” but even that would be an understatement given the fact that most busses are only 40 foot long. So that title would actually defeat my aim right? Point is, this is by far the biggest snake that has ever lived on this Earth!

Remember the movie, Anaconda featuring the then giant constrictor boa snakes? Yup. Those snakes that can easily eat a human being alive. Well, supersize that, put it on steroids and imagine giant crocodiles and other constrictor boas as part of its meal plan and you can come closer to the sheer size of the titanoboa. Yup! Giant crocodiles = snacks when it comes to this monster!

Titanoboa History

Titanoboa remains were uncovered in a coal mine in back in 2005. Among the discovers were Jonathan Bloach (Paleocene era specialist), Carlos Jaramillo (vertebrate paleontologist) and Jason Head (Smithsonianian Tropical Research Institute). These are the good men who came up with the “titan” + “boa” combination of titanoboa.

Titanoboa at Present

From March 22, 2012, the titanoboa is at New York courtesy of the Smithsonian institute. Luckily, it’s not there to snack on passersby since it’s only a reconstructed titanoboa for everyone’s viewing pleasure and hopefully it will catch enough attention to put more interest into science to as many people as possible. At least this is one aims of the display per Randall Kremer of the Smithsonian.

Titanoboa will also be featured in a 2 hour program come April first on the Smithsonian Channel. Naturally, it’s called “Titanoboa: Monster Snake”. You think you can think of a more fitting title? Put them to words on the comments box below!

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