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Thursday, April 13, 2017

7 Animals That Love The Magic Of Getting High

Did you know that humans aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom that enjoys altering their state of mind? Well, it turns out that many of the coolest animals occasionally dabble into some recreational drugs. Whether they consume these substances on purpose after becoming addicted hasn’t been figured out yet, but hey, it’s still pretty rad. Here are six animals that are known in the scientific community for seeking out mild altering drugs in nature.

1. Jaguars

These ginormous jungle cats enjoy munching on a hallucinogenic plant called Banisteriopsis caapi. Jaguars use this vine to aid in cleaning out their digestive system which often results in vomiting.

But the hallucinogenic properties of the plant begin before the cleanse is finished. Scientists say this plant heightens the senses of the big cat, while also stimulating mild hallucinations.

2. Bees

In the busy lifestyle of a bee, many are not cut out to work so hard for little reward. In the social hierarchy of bees, there are classes of bees that are considered alcoholics. They seek out fermented liquids all over their territory and they fly less, socialize less, and are even more aggressive.

3. Bighorn Sheep

High up in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, there is a certain type of rare lichen that grows upon rocks that can induce psychedelic effects. And being some of the only land animals up at these altitudes, bighorn sheep go out of their way to find this type of lichen.

4. Capuchin Monkeys
These jungle dwelling cousins of ours have found a way to protect themselves from infectious bugs and at the same time, having a grand old time with the effects of narcotics.

A certain type of millipedes squirt out a poisonous liquid when they feel threatened, and this liquid gets taken by the capuchins and spread all over their body. It proceeds to get the monkeys high and protect them at the same time.

5. Elephants

Just like the hard working bees, it seems that elephants also have a thing for sniffing out fruits that have fallen to the ground and began fermenting. Elephants often get more social and playful after consuming their jungle cider.

6. Reindeer

Many strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms are toxic to human beings, but not to the tough stomach of a reindeer. Native peoples noticed this when they observed the deer seeking out a mushroom called Amanita muscaria. While toxic to us, these magic mushrooms gave the reindeer an intense episode of euphoria.

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