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Sunday, April 9, 2017

5 Animals from your worst nightmares

These 5 animals from your worst nightmares seriously are a sight! Some of them may bite and attack you so be careful!!
1. Japanese Spider Crab –  The crab in the picture above measured 10 feet from claw to claw. That means that it is big enough to STRADDLE A DANG CAR. Its nickname is also “Crabzilla.”
2. You might be thinking what on earth is this?! Well it is a… A one-eyed albino shark.
Let’s pour one out for this one-eyed albino shark. It was apparently cut from a pregnant bull shark in the Gulf of California. Gone too soon but never forgotten because we still got this pic.
3. The Hairy Frogfish…. LOOK AT IT! It doesn’t swim it walks on the sea bed! WEIRD!
4.  Bull Dog Ants- These ants are found in Australia and will sting you. They are around an inch long!!
5. This giant stingray was “caught” on the Mekong River in Cambodia. THAT IS BIG!!!

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