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Friday, October 23, 2015

Liberty Wildlife to Release a Horned Owl at Lost Dutchman

The public is invited to watch a horned owl being released back into the wild Saturday, Oct. 24.

The release program will begin at 2 p.m. at the Cholla day use ramada at Lost Dutchman State Park, 6109 N. Apache Trail in Apache Junction.
Horned Owl
This program is included in the park entry fee of $7 per vehicle or with an annual pass.

Pets are not permitted at this event.

The release program will be conducted by volunteers from Liberty Wildlife, an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization.

The volunteers rescue animals, participate in the rehabilitation of the animals, and through their education programs share the release of the animal into the wild trying to instill compassion and stewardship in young minds, according to a press release.

Liberty Wildlife believes strongly in connecting the public, especially children, with the natural world. During the program, trained presenters will teach about the natural history of the desert animal and will tell how it came to be at Liberty Wildlife. They will explain the place that the animal holds in the desert ecosystem and point out adaptations to desert life.

After a brief introduction to the animal, the volunteers will then release it and follow its flight and path.

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