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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Animals Vs Drones Best Videos

If you’ve ever had a neighbor who’s flown a drone over your yard, you’ve probably been tempted to shoot it down and teach him a lesson.
Animals vs Drone
Because of this, we can’t help but cheer every time we see a video of an animal taking down a drone that’s invading their territory and being a general nuisance. We’ve rounded up some of the best videos of animals attacking drones from around the web for your viewing pleasure — check them out below.

This video shows what happens when you try to use an aerial drone to film a cheetah — he basically sees it as one giant laser pointer to chase and capture

This hawk, meanwhile, was clearly not happy to see a quadcopter flying into his neighborhood. He executed it with extreme prejudice

The chimps are pretty clever, however, and one of them successfully used a long stick to knock the drone out of the sky

Here’s a particularly famous video of an angry ram who is clearly fed up that a drone owner has decided to invade his space. It exacts righteous revenge

And finally, we go to the land down under where a kangaroo does its best Manny Pacquiao impersonation by boxing a drone straight out of the sky

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