Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 6 most Venomous Snakes

When it comes to snakes, you either love them or you’re scared of them. These animals have been around for so long and they’re developed a few defense mechanisms that are harmful to humans. Poisonous snakes can be found all over the world, and below are the 6 most poisonous snakes that you can find.

Tiger Snake

These snakes are commonly found in Australia and have strong neurotoxic venom. A full grown man can die from a single bite within half an hour. However depending on how close to any vital organs the bit is, it can take 6 to 24 hours. Before an antivenin was made specifically for these snakes, fatality rate was around 60 to 70 percent. Symptoms include pain on the neck and feet, numbness, sweating and a tingling feeling.

Black Mamba

One of the most feared snakes in the African continent, the black mamba is highly aggressive. What’s even more scary is that these snakes strike with very sharp precision, so if they ever do attack, you’re bound to get bitten. They’re also very fast, considering that that the can move with speeds that can reach 20 km/h. one bit form these snakes can extract venom that’s enough to kill 10 to 25 adults. Bites that are not treated within 3 to 4 hours can lead to experiences respiratory arrest, convulsions, coma and death.


Another local from Australia, the Taipan’s venom is enough to kill 12,000 guinea pigs. It works by clotting the blood, which blocks veins and arteries. No known snake bite survivors were ever recorder before the development of a specific antivenin for it. in less than an hour, victims typically die if not treated. Even after the victim is given the antivenin, they usually will need to stay in the intensive care unit.

Blue Krait

This snake is commonly found in Indonesia and along south East Asia. Half of all snake bites from the blue krait are fatal, even after the victim is given an antivenin. These snakes are cannibals, hunting other blue krait and snakes for meals. They’re nocturnal, which means they’re more active and aggressive when it’s dark out. However, unlike the black mamba, these snakes are actually quite timid, hiding or running away, rather than attacking.

Eastern Brown Snake

It might not have a scary name, but don’t let this fool you. around 1/14,000 of an ounce of this snake’s venom can kill an adult man. Although there are a number of different brown snake species, the eastern brown snake is the most dangerous. Another Australian native, these snakes are fast and can become aggressive when provoked.

Inland Taipan or Fierce Snake

This snake has the most toxic venom amongst all land snakes. 110 mg of it is enough to kill 100 humans in just 45 minutes. Luckily, these snakes are very shy and there are no recorded fatalities. In fact, humans rarely encounter them in the wild.

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