Saturday, November 1, 2014

7 Tiny Versions of Animals that will make you Awe

Anything that’s tagged as a miniature size of something has always gotten people’s attention.  These little creatures are smaller versions of animals which are just adorable to look at.

Fairy Penguin

Although we commonly imagine penguins as herds of bowling pin shaped creatures in the Antarctic, some species can actually be found in warmer waters and beaches in south New Zealand and Australia. What makes them more special is that they’re so small. Measuring to only around 13 inches or 33 cm, they’re just about the same size of an average quail. Fairy penguins are also called Little Blue Penguin and the biggest population consists of 500,000 individuals.

Buff-Faced Pygmy Parrot

These birds are found in the of New Guinea area. they measure at around 3.2 inches or 8.4 centimeters and weigh in at 10 to 15 grams at an average. They’re the smallest parrots ever recorded, even smaller than the ruby-throated hummingbird. They feed on barks, fruits and seeds, spending most of their time in the forests.

Lantern Shark

Although Jaws left a very sour note for sharks, these massive creatures also have a tiny version. The lantern shark grows to around 8.3 inches or 21.2 centimeters long as adults. They’re commonly seen in the waters of Columbia and Venezuela. These record holders are considered to be the smallest sharks around.

Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

Because of how small they are, they’re often mistaken as shrimp. However, the Mexican Dwarf Crayfish is a whole different type of animal. Mature individuals reach an average of 1.5 inches or 3.8 centimeters in length. They have those claws that crayfishes are known for and they come in a brownish color with dark strips. You can also find them in a vivid red color.


Birds of prey act like wolves in the air. Falconets that are common in MalayanArchipelago, Southeast Asia and China are no exception. Although these birds grow to only around 5.5 in or 14 centimeters in size, with wingspans of 11 inches, they’re not to be taken likely. Smaller mammals and even birds best keep away from these falconets if they want to see another day.

Minute Salamanders

Their name is perfect for them. Salamanders under the genus Thoria are known to be the smallest amphibians around. Most of these salamanders are found in North America stretching all the way down to Brazil. They’re measured in millimeters and centimeters, in contrast to the giant Chinese salamanders. The smallest species are Thoriusarboreus and don’t usually grow longer than an inch.

Pygmy Hogs

Pygmy hogs, which are common in South Asia are adorable exceptions to the more known large wild hogs. They reach around 10 inches in height and are seen in grassy woodlands. Sadly, these animals run the risk of becoming extinct. There are only a few hundreds said to be left in the wild.

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