Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 6 Best Dogs for Adventure: The Weimaraner

For thousands of years, dogs and humans have journeyed around the world, sharing adventures and handling duties like no man and animal combination can do. If you want a dog to join you in your adventures in the outside world, here’s a look at one of 6 great dog breeds for the job.

The Weimariner

On the outside, the Weimaraner  may look like a sad and lonesome dog, but don’t let its appearance fool you. The Weimariner is a smart and energetic dog that loves being part of the family, ready for just about any adventure in the outdoors.

These muscular dogs trace their ancestry to Germany, where they were originally bred to help hunt large
game, like boars, deer, and bears. This breed is known for its characteristic silver goat, as well as their unique eyes, which start out as blue during birth and slowly turn amber as they grow older. As such, the
Weimariner is nicknamed the “the gray ghost,” which doesn’t help its perception of being a sad dog at all.

The Weimariner was perhaps made famous thanks to William Wegment, a photographer who shared images of his dogs to the world, who later on, also made cameos on television shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “Sesame Street.”

With their excellent sense of smell and outstanding athleticism, the Weimariner isn’t just a great hunting dog, but a perfect companion for adventures in the great outdoors. But be warned, these dogs have incredible stamina, so expect them to tire you out.

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