Sunday, January 12, 2014

On Pets and New Year Resolutions: More Quality Time

If you’ve already added entries like “more exercise routines”, “better checkup regimens” and “healthier diet menus” as part of your pet’s New Year resolutions this year, there’s one more entry you shouldn’t fail to include: more quality time.

Regardless of how busy you are with work or with your household chores, spending more quality time with your pet is just as important as seeing to his or her overall health and well-being.

On the value of quality time – While it is true that not all animals in the world are sociable, allocating more interactive time with your pet proves to be highly beneficial for everyone concerned.

In the case of dogs, more quality times spent in regular exercise routines and playtime sessions strengthens the bond between dog and master, apart from thoroughly immersing one’s dog with different people, thereby providing him or her with valuable experience in how to behave in the company of others.

For cats – who are notorious for being anti-social at times – more interactive times spent playing with them or simply lounging with them reinforces their natural affectionate natures, further strengthening a cat’s relationship with his or her master, along with everyone else present in the household.

Long story short, while looking into dietary considerations and veterinary care requirements of pets are important, allocating ample time with them is just as valuable in seeing to their healthy well-being, thus the reason why you can’t fail to include “spending more quality time” into your pet’s New Year’s resolutions list.

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