Monday, September 9, 2013

The Top Toys for Cats

Getting toys for pets remains to be a basic act which responsible pet owners ideally should do, apart from regularly spending quality time with their furry best buddies.

For proud cat owners, below are the top toys for cats, each proven to provide felines with countless hours of playtime fun.

The Crinkle Ball – As a top toy option for cats, the crinkle ball’s overall premise as a toy is quite simple, essentially bearing a “pom-pom” look that is designed to be attractive for cats.

With variations known to come with bells built in, it’s the crinkle ball’s crinkly sound that makes it special as a cat toy, proven to attract the attention of any cat, regardless of age or breed.

Play-N-Treat Balls – Play-N-Treat balls are the perfect toy for one-household cats, with their overall construction not simply geared towards providing cats with a “challenging” toy, but also one that rewards them with nifty treats.

One-household cats are sure to find a lot to love in Play-N-Treat balls, with their overall aspect as a kitty toy not requiring any training at all.

Catnip Toys – Available in different shapes and sizes, catnip toys are perfect for cats during in-heat seasons, effective in keeping cats occupied for hours and hours.

With cat owners well aware of how fickle cats are to manage when in heat, catnip toys afford cat owners with a means of not only quelling their pet’s hormone-induced quirkiness, which means that they don’t only benefit cats, but their owners as well.

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