Monday, September 2, 2013

Natural Pet Foods

Pet lovers are well aware of how valuable proper nutrition is in keeping their furry and scaly buddies healthy and happy.

Natural pet food options tend to be often talked about when discussions on healthy meals for pets are raised, with most discussions delving into their upsides and downsides over their mass produced and commercially distributed counterparts.

Here’s a quick take on one downside and one upside known to be often encountered with natural pet foods.

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Shorter Shelf Life – When comparing natural pet foods with their commercial counterparts, shelf life tends to be a downside.

Given the fact that natural pet food options are generally not made with preservatives, their keeping requires pet owners to pay attention on their expiration dates, a requirement which means that pet owners will have to necessarily supply and resupply their natural pet food stocks on a regular basis.

Generally, natural pet food options can stay for as long as a week, with some even staying fresh and unspoiled for two. As opposed to commercially made pet food options, these products are known to last for a month, just as long as they are kept in dry containers in cool and dry spaces.

Healthier, Lesser Chemicals and Preservatives – Since natural pet food options are made with the least amount of preservatives (with others even made without), they are significantly healthier and better than those made to last in storage bins.

Also made using natural ingredients, natural pet food options, while not as storage-friendly as commercial pet food varieties, are more packed with vitamins and nutrients, leading to healthier pets who are not susceptible to diseases and medical conditions.

While regularly supplying pet food can be a hassle for some pet owners, opting for natural pet foods is far better than simply depending on commercially mass produced pet foods for one’s pet.

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