Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Toyger

A toyger is a designer cat that has a coat reminiscent of a tiger’s.  Toyger cats can have a variation of patterns and colors but must meet standards in order for it to be named pure breed. This new kind of feline was first started in 1980 and has since become popular.

Started by Judy Sugdgen out of curiosity, she used a tabby cat (or a common domestic cat) and an Asian Leopard Cat (otherwise known as the Bengal cat) in order to produce a bigger-bodied offspring.  The Bengel cat was imported from India and is seen in other Asian countries like the southern Philippines, Indonesia, China and Siberia.

Toyger cats are often owned by rich people and cost ten thousand dollars.  Possession of one needs a licensed registration from the International Cat Association (TICA) for authenticity.  Breeders of this species come from UK, Canada and Australia.

There are lots of breeders out there who sell toygers in the net, but only authentic species will have the following distinctions:  body stripes should be bold and not uniform. The pattern should be aligned in a vertical direction and must have circle marks on the tail, legs and neck.  There should be facial stripes on the head, and the color must range from black, brown and tan. The more bright pumpkin looking its coat, the better.

Currently, Development on breeding these feline species is ongoing.  Its breed was formally recognized by The International Cat Association or TICA in the early 1980s.

Over the years, the development of its breed has drastically improved.  In mid 1980s, A Millwood Rupled Spotskin toyger was dubbed the foundation of the toyger breed.  In 2002, a cat named Warwhoop had stripes closest to the wild animal with its rustic fur. Breeders are looking towards producing a much more tiger like appearance in the future.

Regardless of its luxurious cost, owning one would be a unique experience I wouldn’t mind having, won’t you?

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