Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cats and Dogs – The Pros and Cons

 For the longest time, a feud between cats and dogs has been ongoing, an irony that stands against the ideal picture of happy households with both cats and dogs.

Call it the result of natural selection, or term it as a by-product of genetic conditioning, cats and dogs just can’t stand each other, and has even left two types of pet owners trying to win one over the other: cat-lovers and dog-lovers.

Pointing out the natural traits of their preferred pets, cat-lovers and dog-lovers have long debated over which is better; cats or dogs?

Here are some well known points, some cat and dog pros and cons.

Cats – Cleanliness is perhaps the most well known attribute of cats, keen on keeping their coats clean and tidy. Even strays are known to have a measured sense of cleanliness. This attribute extends to a cat’s toilet-sense, instinctively going for litterboxes when they have to do their business. They are also “low maintenance”, in the sense that cat-owners don’t necessarily have to pay constant attention to them. In terms of food consumption, their intake is generally lesser compared to dogs, and in terms of “chores”, they are great mousers, keeping vermin and certain pests out of the house.

However, cats are nearly impossible to train, unlike dogs. They aren’t as affectionate as dogs too, operating on an “if I don’t feel like it, then I won’t do it” mentality. They are also great climbers, and, at times they tend to get into tight spots because of it.

Dogs – Dogs are loyal pets, always out to please masters regardless if the master in question is a criminal or a priest. They are highly trainable and intelligent, and with enhanced senses, they’re great aids for people with disabilities. They are known for their instincts, and are highly wary with unwanted strangers. They are also known to be of great help in certain industries.

But as intelligent and trainable dogs are, dog owners have to regularly give them baths. Toilet training dogs is possible, but most dogs don’t really know how to use a litterbox when they see one. Also, studies have shown that regular interaction between masters and dogs is crucial, since chaining them or putting them in kennels for extended durations leads them to become rabid. In terms of food consumption, they eat bigger portions compared to cats.

Both cats and dogs are prone to medical conditions, and as such, most cat-dog debates veer away from that topic.

So what do you say? Are dogs better, or should you just go for cats?

Post your comments and speak your mind. Let’s see which of the two is better to have at home.

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