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Friday, February 9, 2018

Giant rabbits apparently make great pets

The Flemish Giant is also called the "king of rabbits" because of his large size, longevity and personality. These rabbits can reach immense size very quickly. By seven or eight weeks of age, they can already weigh four pounds or more. A Flemish Giant is a sweet, lovable companion that can be kept inside, and he blends well into family life.
Giant rabbits

"The giant breeds are really rewarding as well," Stewart said. "The giant rabbits may not always be the first rabbit someone thinks of for companion animal, but they actually have some of best temperaments and have a very docile nature."

The rabbit on the United flight was a continental rabbit, which is a breed recognized in Europe, but not by ARBA in the United States. The ARBA recognizes a similar giant breed called the Flemish Giant, which is the largest recognized breed in the U.S., according to Stewart.

All domesticated rabbits originated from what was originally the European wild rabbit, according to Stewart. The Flemish Giant rabbit can reach 20-30 pounds, but can be larger, according to Stewart.

"Giant rabbits are bred for size," Stewart said. "The Flemish giant we have recognized in the United States has no maximum weight, they can be as heavy as possible, but they are a little different body type than the continental, but both have a heavy thick bone, a broad head and these long ears."

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