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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5 Cats That Cost A Fortune

People have been spending money on cats since the dawn of time. Egyptian Pharaohs and rulers would spoil their feline friends with gold and luxury goods. And modern pet owners are known to let their cats live lavishly too.

While many people may have pampered pets, there are a few cats that cost a small fortune just to own. Buying one of these could even cost as much as getting a new house!

Below are the five most expensive cat breeds in the world.

1. The Rare Ashera
This is a “hybrid” cat breed. The Ashera is made up of genes from the African Serval, Asian Leopard Cut, and domestic house cat. As a result, this feline acts like a regular cat but looks just like a leopard. It’s a unique look and one that many people will pay top dollar for.

To buy an Ashera you must place your order through the Lifestyle Pets Company. This business only breeds five Ashera cats a year. Because of how rare these cats are, expect to pay anywhere between $22,000 and $125,000.

While these cats may be expensive to buy, the price tag hasn’t deterred customers. Ashera cats are incredibly popular and the Lifestyle Pets Company usually sells out of them.

2. The Pricey Bengal

Unlike other cats on this list, Bengals are not rare. There are over 60,000 of them world wide and they’re quite a common pet.

Despite not being very “exclusive,” Bengals can still go for a high price. One English woman, named Cindy Jackson, paid $42,000 for her cat. Jackson bought her Bengal, named Fur Ball, because she was blown away by its beauty.

The Bengal is a hybrid between the Asian Leopard Cat and the Prionailurus Bengalensis Bengalensis. While it has the body of a house cat, the Bengal’s fur looks just like a leopard’s coat.

3. The Spotted Savannah

This is a very unique looking cat that is well known for its eye catching and distinct body. The Spotted Savannah is a hybrid of the African Serval and domestic house cat. This unique mix gives the Spotted Savannah an impressive size and the ability to leap huge distances.

While people pay all kinds of different amounts for this cat, the most expensive Spotted Savannah ever sold went for $22,000.

Lastly, if you plan to buy a Spotted Savannah, you’ll want to check with your local animal board first. In some countries, such as Australia, these cats are actually illegal.

4. The Hairless Sphynx

Many people know this breed by its nickname of “the alien cat.” When it comes to pets, the Sphynx has one of the most distinct looks of all time. This cat looks like it is hairless, has an oddly shaped head, and usually sports an over sized potbelly.

Sphynx cats are incredibly smart and require very little personal care. However, there are very friendly and love to curl up next to people.

Unlike some of the other cats on this list, the Sphynx is comparatively inexpensive. Many owners have been able to get theirs for as little as $3,000

5. The Energetic Peterbald

This is a Russian cat known for its high energy and bright blue eyes. Peterbald cats are also incredibly loyal and will follow their owners whenever they go.

The Peterbald is very similar to the Sphynx except for the fact that it has webbed feet and oval paws. Intrestingly, these unique paws give the Peterbald the ability to open doors and even pick things up.

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