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Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Animals Who Love Yoga As Much As You Do

“Any time I practice yoga, my dog, Nahla, tries to join in. She loves to jump on the mat to stretch.” —Jeremy Huckins Portland, Oregon

“When my wife, daughter, and I saw this turtle, we thought it was a sculpture. But after a few minutes, it moved and then resumed its Upward Turtle Pose.” —Al Dorner, Yorktown, Virginia

“We were delighted to see this penguin in Cape Town, South Africa, join us and mimic our poses.” —Rachel Bates and Helen Leher, Boynton Beach, Florida

“I’ve created a yoga and meditation space in my home that’s filled with things I love, including my white betta fish, Whisper. It seems that Whisper also enjoys doing some morning asana.” —Tammie Jones, Redding, California

“I saw this Cat-Cow combination during a trip to Woodstock, Vermont. When you practice yoga regularly, you may start to see yoga reminders in unusual places.” —Sarah Deutsch, Arlington, Virginia

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