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Monday, July 25, 2016

Alien Larva Lived Inside Poor Kitten

This has got to be one of the most painful situation any living creature has been subjective to! You can't believe the size of this creature inside the nose of a tiny kitten!

As you may notice on the image above, the image clearly shows the poor kitten's nose is way too enlarged. In fact, it's enlarged to the point of bursting! Needless to say of course, poor kitty is naturally in pain and when you see what alien larva comes out of him, you will realize how lucky the kitten to have survived such an ordeal.

As the removal process starts, you can see the tip of the alien larva trying hard to stay where it wants to feed. Much to the kitten's dismay of course.

But wait... This is seriously too painful for me to write a blow-by-blow account about so by all means, please do check on the video itself for your own sake! :(

Didn't I warn you this is too much to write about?!

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