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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Deception Behind the Tiger Who Adopted Piglets in Stripes

This viral story has made millions of us go “awwww!”

According to the tale: “A mother tiger lost her cubs and became depressed. She wouldn’t eat and drink and zoo staff didn’t know what to do to help, until they tricked her into adopting a group of piglets dressed up in stripes.”

If this sounds far-fetched to you, and it should. And yet so many people have reblogged, shared and otherwise believed the pictures, with no thought at all for the absurdity of the tale. For this photo is nothing but a sick ploy to lure tourists and garner attention – from a zoo with a horrible reputation – the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.

This zoo frequently separates babies from mothers and swaps them with a different species, resulting in stress and psychological problems. The zoo’s website promises: “Hold the tiger cub in your arms, feeding milk and take a memorable picture. See how the sow can play a role of the tiger cubs’ nanny.” If that wasn’t enough, the zoo also has a daily tiger show, with cats forced to jump through rings of fire, and elephants are made to carry people around the park and do tricks for them. The cubs are also passed around for photos with the guests, which leads onto the next topic…

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