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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Animal Shelter Director that was Charged with Animal Abuse

Custodiocustodies? Who guards the guardians? In this case who guards those whose duty is to safeguard the animals.
Angela Wallace
There are many cases of animal abuse. Some have been so brazen they wear their erroneous ways for the public to see making clothes out of a tiger’s skin for instance. For these people, animals serve but humankind – at all cost. However, what is most revolting could come not from ill-advised adventurous misfits but from those whose very job is to protect the animals. And it seems that this is exactly what happened in a stunning casein Jacksonville that left many people in shock.

Repeat Offender

In Jacksonville, Angela Wallace, a 35-year old animal shelter director, got arrested by local police on a slew of charges, animal cruelty at the heart of it. The apprehension happened at 10 a.m., Friday, 16th of January at the Richard D. Klein Animal Shelter.

Police revealed that the arrest took some time because they needed to gather enough evidence to make it happen. Complaints they say of alleged animal abuse dated as far back as two years ago but they acted only recently to make the case really stick.

It was also divulged that it took them over 6 months to watch and wait, accumulating enough proof to arerest Wallace.

Jacksonville Police Chief Reece Daniel confirmed the statements saying, "This is not just a sudden thing. It's been ongoing for quite some time."

For his part Smith County Pets Alive Co-Founder Scotti Oxford affirms the validity of the arrest saying, "I think that if anybody thinks that they're going to treat animals that way that they've been entrusted with, then they shouldn't be in that position."

Creepy Animal Horror Stories

The horrible tale started to gain traction when former shelter employees shared the creepy animal horror stories they’ve witnessed while inside the facility. Staff they say were mistreating animals.
"Things like kicking a dog to death, choking a cat out," Daniel confirmed.

But the list goes longer. Daniel mentions facility workers are also accused of leaving animals inside their cages out in the cold, and euthanizing some animals without the benefit of a license, and much worse.

One horrible report detailed "We received a report of a dog that had been there several days that had a broken back, was lying in a little cage, no pain medication from what we know, and that was lying in its own feces and urine."

"I would definitely like to see her punished for her actions that she's done, if she's proven to be guilty, which I'm sure she will be. I hope she will be," Oxford stressed.

Stray Master

Klein Shelter, the animal shelter in question is currently in contract with two cities, Jacksonville and Tyler. Their job is to accept strays.

As part of protocol, Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle says his department will look into the charges separately, but would stop stray animals from being taken to Jacksonville.

To note, said shelter failed to corner an important requirement, a rabies quarantine certification.
Initial findings by the Texas Department of State Health Services were sickening as they found unsanitary conditions, grave overcrowding with many animals needing immediate medical attention.
To date, Wallace has been charged with animal cruelty along with illegal euthanasia. Complicating the matter, the director is also charged with assaulting an ex-employee.

However, Wallace’s woes may still be piling up as more charges are expected to be leveled against her, days from her arrest. And Daniel says his department has issued separate arrest warrants to be served to two other former animal shelter workers who are facing felony charges. One is said to face animal torture.

As for the shelter a sign has since been posted saying it is closed for maintenance.

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