Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 Giant Animals that Should Stay Extinct

There are a number of animals that we want to bring back from extinction, but a few of them are just too scary to be roaming the earth today.

Meganeura - Massive Dragonfly
Meganeura - Massive Dragonfly
Remember running around the garden as a child chasing around little insects like dragonflies? Well the meganeura is something that you want run away from.  This creature is a giant dragonfly-like insect that had a wingspan reaching a feet and a half. They were one of the largest predatory insects on earth. These insects mostly prayed on other insects and small amphibians. Some scientists say that these giant dragonflies wouldn’t survive in today’s atmosphere, so don’t expect to see these giant buzzers flying around in your backyard.

Jaekelopterus Rhenaniae - Giant Sea Scorpion

Jaekelopterus Rhenaniae - Giant Sea Scorpion
Scorpions are already scary enough with their poisonous stingers, but these ones could grow big enough to surpass the average human’s height. These giant monsters live in streams and lakes and will eat anything from fish to shellfish. Though they’re called sea scorpions, they actually look more like a giant lobster, a giant lobster with claws the size of a man’s head.

Argentavis Magnificens - Giant Bird
Argentavis Magnificens
Condors are one of the biggest flying birds today, but they look like tiny garden song birds next to the Argentavis Magnificens. They also weigh a staggering 240 pounds with wings that are around 19 to 26 feet across. Imagine seeing a bird flying around in that’s just about the size of a Lear Jet. Along with wingspans the size of a small truck, they prey on almost anything on land, swooping down on animals the size of cows and lifting them up in the air.

Arctodus Simus – Giant Bear

Arctodus Simus
This giant prehistoric bear stood at 12 feet tall on their hind legs and weighted a ton. They’re the perfect combination of strength and power. Unlike modern bears who feed on berries and fish, these animals preferred to prey on bigger game. Experts say that these giant bears became extinct because they were hunted by the first men on earth. Another reason was because their prey and food supply started to deplete because early man started to consume them as well.

Josephoartigasia Monesi – Giant Rat
 Josephoartigasia Monesi
The Josephoartigasia Monesi was the biggest rodent that was ever discovered. It resembled a capybara, only that it’s as big as a hippopotamus. They can reach five feet in height and 10 feet long, weighing in a ton. Although these rodents were vegetarian, they had giant incisors that we’re sharp enough to crack any bone. Food became scares so these giant rodents slowly died out.

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