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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Greenpeace Says Goodbye to Simba

Greenpeace along with Netherland based animation studio Studio Smack gave us a horrifying glimpse of what life on Earth is without all the adorable memeable cats, loyal friendly dogs and noisy beautiful birds. ( I could do without the cockroaches though, just saying...)
Lion King

Dutch company Studio Smack gave the world, a world without animals in their "Hacking Disney" video where they deliberately wiped out the fauna in Disney's epic musical adventure The Lion King.

One by one, the animals ranging from zebras, elephants, giraffes, including our favorite characters Zazu and Mufasa slowly dissappear before our eyes.

Greenpeace and Studio Smack did an excellent job in showing us how important wildlife conservation truly is and the need for humanity to step up our game in conserving our treasured fauna.

With animals getting extinct and are in danger of extinction each year, this bone chilling picture of a barren African savannah might not be so far at all!

Hopefully, this would encourage us to take good care of our Earth and we wouldn't say goodbye to Simba soon.

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