Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cat Collar Types – The Standard/Elastic Variety

When talking about cat collars, two types tend to be at the top of most lists, the standard/elastic variety and the “safety” cat collar type.

With each type having its own set of upsides, here’s a quick take on the standard/elastic variety of cat collars.

The Standard/Elastic Cat Collar

The standard/elastic cat collar is generally considered to be the most widely available cat collar type, found in pet stores and pet specialty venues and made available in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

As the collar type’s name would already imply, standard/elastic cat collars are made with elastic non-toxic materials, designed to easily stretch their lengths as a means of added protection for cats against accidental choking incidents.

Generally, standard/elastic cat collars come in two forms, the “hoop” or “ring” type and the “belt buckle” type. While arguments over which of the two types is better or safer are known to be, it has to be said that the elastic nature of the standard variety of cat collars should not be viewed as a full-proof safety measure, but as a deterrent.

With cats known to get into “tight situations” under automobiles or atop tress, fitting a cat with an elastic collar lessens the instances when a kitty could get stuck and get into accidents, apart from having a wearable accessory that helps identify them.

For cat owners who aren’t all that convinced with the deterrent against accidents nature of elastic cat collars, a better choice can be found in the other variety – the safety cat collar.

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