Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pet Care –A Good Night’s Sleep for your Pup

Puppies are just small, furry balls of energy that love to run around and play. Taking care of one means that you not only have to worry about giving them a good diet, you also need to make sure they get enough rest and sleep. Unlike babies, you can’t just sing puppies to sleep. They just doze off when they like, where they like. Puppies that don’t get enough sleep tend to be smaller, weaker and more prone to genetic illnesses like DM in dogs. To avoid this, below are a few tips to help give them a good night’s rest.
Pet Care –A Good Night’s Sleep for your Pup
Give them their own sleeping area   

As much as possible, you don’t want to encourage your dog to sleep anywhere they want. Giving them their own space helps discipline them to sleep in a certain area only and it also helps stop pet hair from getting all over the place. Lay out a mat or small carpet and put some covered throw pillows where they can lounge around and sleep. You can also invest in a good dog bed, but if you have more than one puppy, you will have to get another one when they get bigger.

Tell you kids to let them sleep
One of the reasons why puppies don’t get enough sleep is that kids usually end up bothering them because they want to play. You’ll want to tell your kids to let them sleep and give them a specific time that they can play with the puppy. If you’re ok with it, you can also let the puppy sleep on the kid’s beds, but you have to clean the sheets every morning to avoid allergies.

Give them the right diet

Their diet can also help them get the right sleep. To be safe, stick with a good puppy starter kit so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching dog food products and food supplements. They should also be given the right amount of food. Too little might cause them to wake up late at night and cry for food, while too much is going to cause digestive problems. The right diet will not only help with sleep, it also affects their overall health and minimizes the chances of illnesses like DM in dogs to develop.

Keep it cool

Like humans, dogs also have a problem sleeping if it’s too warm or too cold, especially if they’re not used to the temperature. This would also depend on the dog’s fur if it’s long and thick or short and thin. You’ll want to keep the temperature just right so they’ll sleep comfortably.

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