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Pandas, formally referred to as Giant Pandas, remain to be one of the most easily identified and recognized bears in the world, with their black and white coats bearing a uniformed pattern that is characterized by black patches around the eyes, over their ears and “spotted” around their body.

Found in the central and south western areas of China, the CGI animated feature Kung Fu Panda 2, released in 2011, stands to be one of the most popular movies which featured a panda as its central character, with the voice talents of comedian Jack Black giving life to Po, the movie’s main panda protagonist.
Also showcasing a varied range of character-animals, the movie’s core theme can be described as focusing on different endangered species, which the panda actually is.

With the panda’s natural habitats at risk because of deforestation, the number of wild pandas have significantly dwindled, leaving different conservation initiatives to bring them to other countries where the species can be preserved, as well as initiate different programs and campaigns that are geared in persevering what is left of the panda’s natural habitats in China.

In 2007, conservation groups have noted that there are 1,590 wild pandas, while a total of 239 and 27 outside China are living in captivity.

Though cute and cuddly in their appearance, pandas actually are quite deadly as bears, with physical strength factors that are enough to cause serious injury when provoked or attacked.

As different experts would suggest, it is best to avoid wild pandas when one accidentally gets to encounter them, to admire them from a safe distance that keeps both pandas and observers safe.
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