Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Animal Cruelty Raps on Dog Show Judge

Oddly enough, a tenured dog show just was recently charged with animal cruelty, something which comes as unexpected, even a shocker.

A judge for the American Kennel Club, 69 year old Margaret Hamilton was prosecuted with the charge due to keeping around one hundred dogs in poor living conditions. Officials from King County received an anonymous tip regarding how Hamilton kept dogs in horrific conditions, with the tip reported to have come from the Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal shelter based in Sultan, Washington.
Based on reports, representatives from animal rescue groups and officials managed to gain access to a home based in Burien, and managed to take visual record footage of the homing conditions of the dogs, described as “deplorable”.

Cramped and crowded, the state of the dog’s homing is described as cramped and unkempt, with cages put on top each other, with un-cleaned empty dish trays and water bowls.

The Burien house has been determined to be that of a Theodore Stober, a landlord renting the house’s basement to Hamilton. Based on reports, the Hamiltons were utilizing the space as a shelter/kennel for their dogs, with most of them being top show dogs in the past.

A bulk of the dogs rescued were Chihuahuas, with 38 dogs found to have hair matted with feces. Medical afflictions were also noted to be in a number of the dogs, including cases of dogs with decomposing jaw bones.

Out of those found, thirteen of them had to be euthanized because of compounded health problems.

It is one thing to love dogs, but to have close to a hundred of them, and not being in the capacity to properly take care of them says something about the importance of being realistic, and truly concerned with a dog’s overall well being.


Barbara said...

Look at these beautiful little babies happily waiting for someone to give them a chance to give them a little lickie and for some kind person to love them.
How could anyone torture such precious little dogs? I will never understand how anyone could abuse or torture any dog or animals for that matter. Makes me crazy with rage to think that there are so many people out there doing these kinds of things to dogs and then an AKC Judge??? Then to show herself in public??? If I ever see her at a show I will ask her why?
Bless the people in the rescues that have given these precious little souls another chance to be loved.

MeMing said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for dropping by!

So sad indeed that this happens on this planet. But what can you expect from our race when we even hurt our own kind day in and day out right?

Sad but true. All we can do is be vigilant for everyone's sake so we can stop these tings from happening. At least to some degree that is.

Thank heavens we have the internet now so if something bad is going on, the whole world can see it right away even if it's just from a camera phone video or whatnot. Now, we don't need the media to cover stories that matter anymore because we have the internet right?

Hopefully we can stop more cruelty. :)

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