Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Trim Dog Nails – Dog Nail Trimming Equipment

Trimming your dog’s nails stand to be a dog grooming basic, one that isn’t just there for aesthetic purposes, but also one which involves dog health and dog mobility-inclined reasons.

As regular trimming is part of your dog’s regular ablutions, using the right kind of dog nail trimming equipment helps reduce the onset of nail trimming-inclined problems, dog inconveniences and any other complications which fall along the lines.

Here’s a quick look at the most commonly encountered dog nail trimmers, with each boasting features which dogs and dog owners can benefit from.

The Scissors-Type Dog Nail Trimmer – just like a pair of scissors, scissor-type dog nail trimmers cut dog nails easily and safely, often made with a curved blade to veer away nicks on doggy paw skins.

They are considered to be the cheapest variety of dog nail trimmers, and their use isn’t all that difficult, granted that dog owners will have to let their dogs settle down when using them.

The blades of scissor-type dog nail trimmers, generally speaking, easily dull over time, and problems related to its hinges are known to happen, thus care in their storage and upkeep have to be considered with their use.

The Pliers-style Dog Nail Trimmer – often used by dog professionals, pliers-style dog nail trimmers are more solidly built than scissor-type trimmers, giving users more force in trimming and shaping doggy nails.

Like scissors-type dog nail trimmers, pliers-style trimmers require maintenance and storage attention, given that their blades, though it’d take ample periods of time, dull up.

The Guillotine Style – this type of dog nail trimmer is quite popular, often used by amateurs and professionals in keeping a dog’s nails trim and clean. It’s dubbed “guillotine style” for a reason, since it resembles the mechanical operation of a guillotine.

Generally, the nail trimmer is designed with a hole which has an internal blade. Once the handle is squeezed, the blade would then trim the tip of a dog’s nail which had been positioned in the hole.

It is very quick and easy to use, but its functional benefits are only heightened when talking about dogs with well-sized paws. Dogs with too large or too small nails will have problems with this type of dog nail trimmer, and for these the scissors-type dog nail trimmer or the pliers-type dog nail trimmer are better options.

With the right dog nail trimmer keeping your dog’s nails well groomed is easier. Spot the right dog trimmer type for you and your dog, and the whole process will be easier and lesser of a hassle for everyone concerned.

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