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Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs

pembroke welsh corgi dogs breed info pets animal domestic houndPembroke Welsh Corgi dogs originated from South West Wales, it is believed that the ancestors of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been introduced by Flemish Weavers, brought to Britain / England in 1100 by Henry I. Spitz is now believed to come from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is different, which is derived from a common ancestor with Dachshunds. Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a combination of ancestral progenitor Keeshond, Pomeranian, Schipperke and Swedish Vallhund. However there is no confusion that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very respected fellow human beings as cattle herders in sheep and cattle in many countries until today.
  • History
With a pedigree dating back to the kingdom of King Hywel DDA, the King of Wales (and what a fantastic Welsh name!), In the early 12th century, these pooches prestige always destined for royal life. A member of the Spitz family, Pembroke Welsh Corgis that, somewhat surprisingly perhaps, be used to keep the family farmyards, as well as to bring the birds.
Over time, Corgi also proves the flexibility and use both as weapons and traitorous dog, tied himself closely to the pursuit of the well-to-do in the British Isles. In more modern times, it is recognized as a breed in the early 1930s - and became one of the most famous descendants in the world after a certain daughter (now Queen Elizabeth II) developed a fondness for them.

pembroke welsh corgi dogs breed info pets animal domestic hound
  • Appearance
Fox-like and low to the ground with an elongated body and short legs, the Pei paints an endearing if slightly awkward picture. A small dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi weighs in at around 12kg for an adult male and 11kg for an adult female. In terms of color, it is available in red, Fawn, black and tan or sable, with or without white markings on the legs and body.

pembroke welsh corgi dogs breed info pets animal domestic hound
pembroke welsh corgi dogs breed info pets animal domestic hound
  • Temperament
Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a high intelligence, docile, protective, active, and friendly with small children. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is famous for barking, which is worse than its bite, Pembroke is a small dog who has a great idea. Pembroke Welsh Corgi should be friendly with the goal to be ambitious, but not precocious and never aggressive or shy. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is intelligent enough to allow you to think that you are the boss. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very easy to train because it is like to always make happy employers. Intelligence / Intelligence is combined with a sense of humor makes Pembroke Welsh Corgi well-liked by everyone. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a dog with a high social level that makes him always want to close with humans. Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to play with us or with other dogs.
  • Grooming
Pembroke Welsh Corgi does not require hair treatment which means simply brushed / combed two times a week to remove dead hairs. Bathe only when needed.
  • Health Issue
Obesity will be a problem on a long spine.
Pembrokes have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, similar to most dogs. Like people, every animal can be susceptible to Certain physical problems as They get older. Pembroke Their owners must not indulge Them dogs by feeding too much the which can be a hard task to accomplish. Other health problems may include degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, and Von Willebrand's disease if Their parents suffered from the same problems. A Responsible breeders have tested the will of parents for hips, eyes and vWD all of the which can be verified by checking the parents on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) site at

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